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Die iranische Zensur überlisten…

May 14, 2010

In der dieswöchigen Printausgabe der European Voice erschien ein interessanter Beitrag von Faraz Sanei, Forscher bei Human Rights Watch. Er schreibt über die iranische Zensur und die aktivere Rolle, die er sich für Europa wünscht:

Tehran is (…) targeting those who are most effective at disseminating information: journalists, bloggers and human-rights defenders. In mid-March, the government arrested many members of local human-rights organisations and shut down their websites. Today, many of the groups’ members are either in prison or have fled the country.

In other words, the information crisis in Iran has reached a critical stage. The EU can and should act.

Earlier this year, EU member states condemned Iran’s jamming of Eutelsat signals carrying Persian-language programming from the BBC and Deutsche Welle into Iran, and European Parliament members criticised Nokia-Siemens for aiding the government crack-down. The EU is currently drafting guidelines for ‘best practices’ for EU corporations dealing with governments such as Iran’s.


They [the EU member governments] should also take the lead in pushing the international community to adopt a comprehensive policy on internet freedom worldwide.

The EU also needs to help Iranian civil society to unblock existing channels of communication, or create new ones. For example, last month the US treasury department relaxed export controls for certain dual-use technology (technologies that have a legitimate use but could be used by governments for surveillance and censorship purposes) to allow internet users inside Iran to gain easier access to proxies and anti-filtering software. (…) EU policymakers should design, co-ordinate and implement similar policies to enable the free flow of information to and from countries such as Iran, and to help Iran’s civil society to circumvent the dizzying maze of surveillance, filtering and jamming roadblocks set up by the government.

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